Sonntag, 23. Dezember 2007!

The number 1 of the weekly Christmas countdown means that now all 4 candles of the advent wreath illuminate the home and create the right winter atmosphere. After the Christmas holydays my departure to Taiwan will follow. Last year the situation was much better, because I left Germany mid December. I avoided the whole Christmas stress. At this moment all comes together: year-end closings, purchasing and exchanging of christmas gifts, packing of the baggage ...

Even the itinerary in Taiwan is partly still unclear: Will we enjoy the fireworks of Taipei 101 in the overcrowded and burstling capital or will we go to a secluded mountain village, where nobody ever heard about Western New Year? At least my wife booked for some days a room in an East Taiwanese guest house , that vaunts its concept of the missing tv-set, non existing air condition and absent wireless internet. Their concept should be really unique in Taiwan. But at this place the tranquility, closeness to the nature and view to the Pacific ocean must be fantastic.

During the last years I always missed the celebration of the Western New Year, because at the special moment I slept deeply like an angel. Only the Chinese New Year is important for traditional Taiwanese. The activities in the night of December 31 are only exciting for young people that like to have parties and the pubs to promote their business.

Kenting with its beautyful beaches is not a part of the route this time. Nevertheless Luo You dreams about 20 degrees Celsius, sunshine and the sound of the waves if he is thinking in his departure to Taiwan.

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