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The Asian Woman - Die asiatische Frau

This post follows a discussion to ride a Taiwanese and save a horse in Fu Ludigel´s German blog. Later Mr. Paul Wolf ( tried to explain the German readers of his theory of the genetic mixture of the Human "races". Don´t worry wikipedia deleted already this article. Selfless other members of stopped the spreading of his rough ideas and saved Passado Ltd. from the strict German laws (Nazi signs are forbidden!). We don´t live in UK (Attention! Don´t click here, if you are in Germany!) . As a precausion - because I´m staying now in Germany - I distance myself explicitly from the content and reject all responsibility according the sentence of the Civil District Court Hamburg of May 12, 1998. This statement also applies to all the other links that I set. – Dammed, how easy is blogging in Taiwan!

Asian women as objects of lust to mix the "races" according Akkaly, like the Taiwanese girls band 女F4 . (女 = woman, F is their cup size, 4, because they are four.)

In Germany 200 years ago the topic "Asian Woman" was only an academic theme to entertain the aristocratic and bourgeois society. Then the Prussian reforms of Stein and Hardenberg in 1807/1808 made first changes. Before the lordship of manor ruled, people were connected to the land and the farms. Without the permission of the lord of manor nobody left the village. He decided, who married to whom. Most of the people´s social and spatial mobility was quite limited. More than two village away from their home happened usually nothing: no flirt, no intercourse.

Fanny of 女F4 in motion on Youtube.

Nevertheless people could be mobile in previous centuries. Mentionable is the expansion of the Roman empire, the emigration of the nations in the 4th century, the crusades, Columbus in 1492 and all the later developments by this event. But technically, economically, socially and politically it needed always extremely big effort by the individual to move.

Who wants to see the „Asian Woman“ in Germany has to visit only a Chinese style restaurant. In exact sense a Turkish doner snack is enough. However, the picture is taken in Taiwan. This lady prepares fried dumplings, one of my favorite dishes.

1835 run the first public trains in Germany between Nuremberg and Fuerth. 1926 the German airline "Deutsche Lufthansa AG" was founded. In the 1960 the number of flights raised enormous. Nowadays the biggest German aiport by far is the Rhine-Main-Aiport Frankfurt. Terminal 1 was opened at March 14, 1972 by President Heinemann. Terminal 2, that leads the traveller of today smoothly to Taiwan, followed in 1994.

Asian women during a shopping expedition on the roof of Taiwan´s biggest, recently opened „Dream Mall“ (夢時代購物中心) in Kaohsiung

If I like to go next weekend for shopping and eating to Kaohsiung, I only have to consider about my budget und need few keyboard inputs into the computer. The world became so incredible small. Why to suffer from traditional German dishes, if the appetite longs for something more exciting?

Mr Udo Voigt (of course right) is the confident chairman of NPD (National Democratic Party of Germany). He thinks nothing of Akkaly´s "Mixture of Races Theory" and is shy with strangers. Next to him appears the representative Holder Apfel, who agitates sometimes inhuman for his particular interests.

„Keep the diversity of Cultures! Stop Foreign infiltration und Immigration!“, cries NPD. Simple mind Luo You asks, who wants to go back into the period before 1807, limited and unfree? What is the profit of a diversity of Cultures, if it is closed for us? Everybody will live again in his innocence and oafishness. Without foreigners Mallorca will be a poor Mediterranean island, depending on welfare aid, and hundred thousands of happy tourists will loose one of their favorite destinations. Besides, I can take care for my own culture and life style. They can keep their advices. Nobody is forced to become a Teuton in current German integration classes. We don´t live in the forests any more.
Not a member of a master race, just a foto model at Taiwan´s salt museum (台灣鹽博物館) in Cigu, Tainan County

According Gerhard Paul rightist extremist thinking circles around the idea of a natural blood-conditioned collective ( eg "The Germans") - in contrast to other groups (eg "The Foreigners") or individuals, that appear as a threat. This thinking is centered to expressions like "Nation" or "People" and contradicts all democratic ideas.
Gerhard Paul remarks furthermore, that already in 1934 the sociologist and philosopher Herbert Marcuse distinguished "Universalism" und "Naturalism" as main feature of rightist extremist attitudes. This lasts til today. „Nature“ is in rightist extremist thinking not the self-historic ground of the human history. "Nature" appears mystic as the primal, healthy and holy. This thinking opposes to the economic and social development and changes the principles of nature. "People" and "Nation" are always conditioned by blood. The "Nation" gets its power from the soil, the ground and the home. Characters of the "Race" unify the people. Its purification is the central condition for its health.

As another main feature describes Marcuse the mystification of socio-theoretical ideas of entireness, the "Universalism". According this thinking the entireness had always priority over the individuals. The single human depends on the "organic collective", that exists much longer than all individuals. The rightist extremist thinking creates an antagonism between collective and society. The splitted society with different classes (rich rulers vs. poor unemploeyed and retired persons) is the evil and has to be vanquished. The "Nation", the collective, appears as a superior creature, that the individual has to follow submissively. The fates of the humans are transitory. Only the nation is enduring: "You are nothing, Your Nation is all!"

Taiwan´s vice president Hsiu-lien Annette Lu (呂秀蓮) and the mayor of Kaohsiung, der second biggest city of Taiwan, Chen Chu (陳菊) have also an affinity to power, but they are solid democrats.

A massive aspiration to segregation and equalization, that can become violent, is the result of the historic-philosophical considerations of "Naturalism" and "Universalism". The threat of the Nation as the embodiment of the natural wholeness by external influences in the shape of alien powers in the inner part ("Foreigners", "ruling classes") and in the outer part (globalization, US-American imperialism) can only be eliminated, if the collective acts effective. Because the "nation" has to be defended continuously, fight and violence and the discrimination of minorities become necessary. Outward hostility and an interior uniformed society are two sides of the same medal.

Also the People´s Republic of China acts undemocratic and inhuman. Hopefully the leader of the city development unit of Guangzhou (spatially right) works for a better future of China. Here she is talking, accompanied by an assistant and a translator, to German planning and building experts.

The conservative constitutional lawyer Carl Schmitt demands concerning the question of homogeneity a "public and consistent will", that is necessary to keep the "nation". The government should be the absolute and totalitarian guard of the entireness. Right is only what the "nation" avails. Pluralism and consensus, individual freedom, human civil rights up to private proporty apperas as dangers, the threaten the national collective.

There is no space for democratic constitution, where fight and subordination under one will become the main priciple to survive. The aspiration of demarcation and homogeneity conflicts with the values of a democratic constitution. Not effectiveness of a collective in the shape of a "nation", but human dignity of man and individual freedom are the prior principles of our constitution, that have to be protected: "The state has to serve the people and not the people the state"
Thus right-wing extremism is defined as a bundle of anti-democratic strategies, derivated by a belief of "naturalism" and "universalism". Politically right-wing extremism aims for the restoration of a pre-democratic sytem. Whereby we arrive before 1807 or much worse in 1933.

Dancers of the Tsou-tribe in the mountains of Taiwan. On the island the Han-Chinese and the minorities use 23 living languages , means more or less 80 % of the population der Bevölkerung live in daily life multi-linual. China, a states that exists since thousands of yearsein, calls itself multi-national country. 55 minorities are recognized. The mayority of the people is formed by the Han-Chinese. Those Chinese language can be divided in at least 10 variants with comparable differences like between Spanish and French.

The idea of immoderate foreign infiltration - in German: „Überfremdung“ (a negative buzz word of the year 1993) - serves for the aspiration of segregation and equalization in rightist extremist thinking. According a poll purchased by Leipzig University 2004 37,7 percent of the Germans agreed with the statement: "The federal republic of Germany is infiltrated immoderately at a dangereous level by the big number of Foreigners." Furthermore 23,9 % agreed with the sentence „What Germany needs now is a single strong party, that represents the nation."
According behavior scientist Eibl-Eibesfeld people of all cultures show generally an ambivalent behavior in front of other humans. "We are all looking for the friendly contact to other humans, but we try to avoid it at the same time. Every child at the age of 6 to 8 months gives us the proof, if it smiles to a strangers, then nestles to the mother pending between the reaction of sympathy and fearful turning-away. A bad experience with a stranger is not a condition to develop timidity against aliens. It´s the maturation of a biological program."

Asian woman and mother barbecues for a "closed small collective" at Dajin Waterfall (大津瀑布) in Taiwan.

The fellow human being is carries signals that activate friendly affection as well as fear and defense - before all individual experience. „We are constructed in a way, that individual acquaintance lowers the signals that cause fear. We don´t feel fear in front of known persons." During the longest period of human history people lived together in "closed small collectives", where the members know each other quite well in an atmosphere of mutual confidenc. ... nowadays we live in anonymous big societies, by what the negative signals of the fellow human beings - that of competition - get a stronger accent. Mistrust and fear determine and strain the living together.“

Three female asian fellow passengers as carriers of signal that causes astonishment: helmets with colourful wigs.

Eibl-Eibesfeldt as a comparing behavior scientist was totally out in his demand for assimilation of Foreigners and limit migration. According to an article publish in F.A.Z. he could name neither the criteria of ethnic and cultural identity nor the "cultural tolerance", the beginning of immoderate foreign infiltration. The upper limit is crossed, if xenophobia appears. The fact, that resentment often changes to violence in areas with a low density of aliens, ignores Eibl-Eibesfeldt. His opinion, that assimilation can avoid the escalation in a situation of fear und mutual mistrust, is quite naive. If the rightist extremist thinking hooligan gets angry, he will thrash the next "negro", no matter if this guy is assimilate or not. You can assume that even as Foreigner in Taiwan.
"Immigration means uncertainty, because people are forced to deal with unknown and alien people, their culture and lifestyle. That´s a problem." So easy the dispute partner of Eibl-Eibesfeld Mr. Cohn-Bendit formulates it without refering to the authority of ethnological studies.

Because I love pluralism and the individual freedom, nobody will be here segregated or equalized.

Asian German with a reaction of uncertainty

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