Montag, 14. Mai 2007

The Communism will triumph! - Der Kommunismus wird siegen! – ¡El comunismo vencerá!

The system of capitalism ruined world wide the economies. The resources were used out. The natural environment of man is destroyed. The destruction of the nature is the base of disease, social tension, riots and decline.

The view out of Luo You´s residence in Kaohsiung: Trees and green areas are scarce. Instead of them vehicles create noise and pollute the air of the compressed masses of people. They lost their freedom and autonomy in an economic systems that only satisfies the endless greed of the profiteers that long always for more money and power

However, in China the communism is working in its splendid future. The communist party of China is world wide the biggest and most powerful communist party. It holds the reins tight. Its leaders and member call themselves communists and their country "socialist market economy".

More English soon >>> Here watches the "big steersman" Mao Zedong over the Tiananmen-Aquare in Beijing where People demanded democracy in June, 1989. The People´s Liberation Army attacked them with tanks. Probably more than thousand people were killed. The protests of Western Europe didn´t last long. . In October 1990 the European Union decided to normalize the relations. Beijing acted before very cooperative in relation to the UN-sanctions against Iraque. Thus USA, UK and France could later invade with their armies in Kuwait.

The cognition that the future belongs to the communism I got few weeks ago. I posted „Bu de bu ai“ made by the in my German blog. Afterwards I looked for the original video of the Taiwanese Wilber Pan (潘瑋柏, and had a déjà vu. Besides, the two chinese boys are better, because they are more funny.

Wilber Pan: Bu de bu ai

The film location in China, next Badaling close to Beijing, I knew by a personal visit in spring 2004. Directly under the Chinese Wall, situated in a very beautyful landscape, is the place that can be called prototype of the future communist settlements. Bye, bye, silo residences of the workers´class! Forget the pre-fab tower blocks!

A docen of the most innovative architects of China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Thailand was given a carte blanche to imagine how private living in China in the 21st century could look like. More detail offers the German article of the newspaper taz.

Even German building experts are amazed. In the background the great Chinese wall crowns the mountains.

Architect Antonio Ochao (iin the center of the picture) came from Venezuela and works in China. Proudly he presents his work, the „Cantilever House“. At the same time he explains to the Germans how the communism works.. However, some in the group had the opinion that the land is great, the position close to Beijing is perfect. But it´s better to demolish the villas and build your real dream house in a functional, enduring and solid way.

Real estate developer Zhang Xin (张欣) and her husband Pan Shiyi (潘石屹) believe in future. If more people seeking work come to Beijing - they speculate - the richer citizens want to leave the capital.

He is not a self-confident owner of a nice villa, just an employee. The selling of the luxury houses did not run very well. Therefor the settlement is now managed by the hotel company Kempinski. The houses are available for weddings, company parties etc.

In China 900 million farmers are waiting for development. The future inhabitants are already saving money for their sweet home. Til the end of May 2007 you could book the special offer „Safari Park Trip“ for 850 € / night including breakfast.

Let´s go to Badaling!

How said Christian Klar : „Finally the world is in historic sense mature enough, that the future born beings enter into a live, that hold ready the full advancement of all their human potencials and the ghost of the alienation of the men´s social determination are expelled.“

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  1. Nein, nein, das ist nicht der Kommunismus!

    Wir rufen daher für Sonntag, den 27. Mai 2007, 18 Uhr zur Kundgebung vor der chinesischen Botschaft (Märkisches Ufer, Ecke Brückenstraße, Nähe S-Bahnhof Jannowitzbrücke) auf!


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