Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2007

Urban Transformation - Städtischer Wandel

The "Urban Transformation" will the main theme of my next big and long article. Of course, I will report again about Taiwan. After the capitalism-communism-post I got some trouble because of the picture, that I published about Kaohsiung. It´s time to give a more realistic view on this big city. As a little appetizer you can see here three pictures that I took in Tungmeng 1st Rd. last December. "Urban Transformation" in Taiwanese:

Out of the primal chaos ...

... a new structure appears, that ....

... leads into a sustainable and socially fair world order.

Instead of pompous SUVs and aggressive chat-ups on the highway, people will ride bicycle and clink their glasses of cool Taiwan Beer shouting "Gan Bei" together.

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